Doctor Who: The God Complex

The fact that being the Doctor’s companion quite often is a curse disguised as a blessing is something that has been explored before in Doctor Who. Moffat has been toying with it all along, and I really like how it all comes to a head in this episode, how the 11th Doctor has to face that truth and do something about it.

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Bit of a Doctor Who rewatch

I started watching Doctor Who a little over a year ago*, basically because I was going through Sherlock withdrawal and figured something by the same showrunner might help me get over it. I’d watched the first few episodes from the Christopher Eccleston series, but then got distracted and never went back to it. So, yes, Matt Smith’s Eleven is my first Doctor, barring some vague memories of Nine. And I really enjoyed series 5, in fact I devoured the first half very quickly* (although I took a long time between the first half and second half), and I just loved the first part of the current series… but somehow I never really got around to actually writing anything about it.

*Upon reading the one real post I made about it, I realized that a) it was actually exactly a year and two days ago that I started, and b), I watched the first eight episodes in one day. So… yeah. Apparently I liked it even more than I remembered.

Today, I rewatched the first two Matt Smith episodes and figured I should fix that.

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