MDZS episode 4

I really liked these flashbacks where Jiang Cheng saw Wei Wuxian as his silly and slightly annoying BFF that he ate product placed cornettos with, instead of evil incarnate 🥺

#MDZS ep 4

Lush ❤️

I like how the donghua makes a point of subtly highlighting Things That Are Important To The Plot

Aww! Wangji saves him in this version!
(And you, they are close because Wangji has seen his porn)


Cute, but he’s way more shameless in the novel version of events 🤣

Love Jiang Cheng’s reactions

The Sleeping Beauty play

#CardcaptorSakura 42
I forgot the Sleeping Beauty play story was two episodes

He’s so happy to be on a date with his boyfriend 🥺

They’re so cute together

Yukito knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. Absolutely brutal 🤣

Subtle, Yuki. Real subtle.

I love Yukito so much. He’s a merciless bastard. 😆❤️

Tomoyo is just as much of a merciless bastard 😆

I bet he grabbed Touya’s hand, he’s so excited.
And touya.exe stopped working

I bet when Touya and Yukito are on dates at the movies, and Yukito keeps whispering in the dark excitedly

Yes, I’m ridiculous, I know

They’re acting like proud parents

Overprotective oniichan mode, ACTIVATE!

I’m so proud of her, she’s the best

No comment necessary ❤️