How I choose what books or fics to read (spoiler: it’s different!)

A recent conversation on Twitter about the trend of advertising (romance?) novels simply by their tropes got me thinking about how I choose what I want to read, what gets me interested, and how different it is for books vs fanfic. And so, here I am writing this post, which honestly is of interest to exactly one person (me!).

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Another one of those ‘what I’ve been up to’ posts

Every time I try to start blogging again, I do this…

Anyway, the last three posts are fairly representative, if not in that order. I did get into Downton Abbey (or rather, into Thommy: Thomas/Jimmy) for awhile, although mainly back during the original seasons.

Then I moved abroad to do a master’s degree, came back, started working freelance, and wasn’t as actively in fandom for awhile.

And then the Good Omens tv show happened, and I watched it more times than I can remember, reread the book, and spent a good year and a half reading mostly Aziraphale/Crowley fanfic (and by this I mean, yes, to the exclusion of published books).

Sometime around that same time, I also (re)joined WoT fandom, mainly on Twitter, in expectation of the tv show. It was a very fun couple of years, but then the show came out, I watched the first two eps, didn’t feel like watching more, and sort of fell out of WoT fandom (given that conversation revolved around the show at the time).

Along the way, a Tokyo Babylon anime was announced, I joined a discord for TB, and shall we say rediscovered my CLAMP roots. I even started writing Touya/Yukito fanfic again.

But then, in December 2020 I read Mo Dao Zu Shi (MDZS), and since then, well, it’s taken over my fandom life. I’ve branched out into other danmei, but MDZS is still what’s fueling my imagination.

To be more exact… Jiang Cheng/Nie Huaisang is.

Aziraphale and Crowley, toasting at the Ritz.

Good Omens fic recs

In the past year I’ve maybe read two or three books, because I’ve been too busy reading Good Omens fanfiction. This is what I’m reading this week.

Also, this may become a regular thing. It will always be Ineffable Husbands, because this is one case where it really is a “One True Pairing”.

The Grindr Logo Doesn’t Even Have a ‘G’ In It

By indieninja92. Ongoing, author says it’s all written.

Post-canon. Things have progressed but not enough. Crowley got Aziraphale a smartphone two years before and loaded it with apps. Aziraphale is now on Grindr, and starts sexting with a mysterious stranger, who is of course Crowley. Neither realize who they’re texting with.

My favorite thing about this is the scenes when Crowley and Aziraphale hang out during the day (and which leave both with an itch to scratch at night).

The Demons Have the Phonebox

By theplatinthehat.

The Doctor has disappeared in the Tardis. Aziraphale has disappeared from the bookshop. Crowley and Donna Noble team up to find them. Donna is absolutely magnificent.

Single-Use Lives

By hanap / @ineffableomens. Ongoing, updates on Monday. Just started.

AU. Crowley and Aziraphale misinterpret Agnes Nutter’s prophecy and are turned human but lose their memories. They keep living the same days, but in completely different lives and always find each other. I think it’s a glitch and not the intended punishment.

Anyway, I love timey wimey shenanigans!