Aziraphale and Crowley, toasting at the Ritz.

Good Omens fic recs

In the past year I’ve maybe read two or three books, because I’ve been too busy reading Good Omens fanfiction. This is what I’m reading this week.

Also, this may become a regular thing. It will always be Ineffable Husbands, because this is one case where it really is a “One True Pairing”.

The Grindr Logo Doesn’t Even Have a ‘G’ In It

By indieninja92. Ongoing, author says it’s all written.

Post-canon. Things have progressed but not enough. Crowley got Aziraphale a smartphone two years before and loaded it with apps. Aziraphale is now on Grindr, and starts sexting with a mysterious stranger, who is of course Crowley. Neither realize who they’re texting with.

My favorite thing about this is the scenes when Crowley and Aziraphale hang out during the day (and which leave both with an itch to scratch at night).

The Demons Have the Phonebox

By theplatinthehat.

The Doctor has disappeared in the Tardis. Aziraphale has disappeared from the bookshop. Crowley and Donna Noble team up to find them. Donna is absolutely magnificent.

Single-Use Lives

By hanap / @ineffableomens. Ongoing, updates on Monday. Just started.

AU. Crowley and Aziraphale misinterpret Agnes Nutter’s prophecy and are turned human but lose their memories. They keep living the same days, but in completely different lives and always find each other. I think it’s a glitch and not the intended punishment.

Anyway, I love timey wimey shenanigans!

Rand, Min and Semirage

Expectation and dread, or “The Wheel of Time” is going to be a tv series

So The Wheel of Time is going to be a TV series.

There is no other story that I have as much history with. I started reading it over 25 years ago, when I was 13. It was my Harry Potter. I read it through all of high school and university and then, like many people, I took an extended break at around book 9, before coming back two years ago, rereading the whole thing, and going on to finish it. More than that, The Wheel of Time was my introduction to online fandom, back at the old WoTism boards. In a way, I might not be quite who or what I am today if not for The Wheel of Time.

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So, just to set things up

…because it’s been A LONG time since I’ve kept a blog.

Current series I’m watching actively right now:

  • The 100: I am completely obsessed with this. I am also a bit behind the currently airing episodes, although I do know about that huge SPOILER that was all over the internet while ago (you might say it was all the talk about the show because of it that sparked my interest). I think the first two seasons were absolutely amazing.
  • Legends of Tomorrow: love the dysfunctional dynamics, and how basically it’s a show about the many ways the ragtag team of would-be heroes find to fuck up whatever mission they’re on. Leonard Snart is the absolute best part of it, but let’s not undersell the awesomeness of SpyDaddy as Martin Stein. Surprisingly, given my love for Rory Pond, I often want to punch Rip Hunter in the face.
  • Nashville: surprising, for me, but I kind of really enjoy it.
  • The Good Wife: have followed it for years, now I’m along for its swan song.
  • Survivor and The Amazing Race: because I have for years.
  • I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to watch this season of Game of Thrones. A particular plot point in last night’s premiere made me want to flip a table.
  • Silicon Valley: because it’s hilarious. Also, Aviato.
  • I am also rewatching and introducing some friends to The Genius. Which is better than Survivor. And Sangmin is GOD.

Watching Caprica

So about three days ago, I noticed that Caprica is on Netflix…

I have now watched up to episode 5, “There is Another Sky” (which is, by the way, my favorite so far for reasons I’ll get into). Mostly I have to admit that the ideal time to watch would have been back in 2011, after I marathoned all of Battlestar Galactica in like 2 months and the finer details of the BSG universe were fresh in my mind. On the other hand, I certainly knew about Caprica back then and could have watched, but chose instead to nurse the Galactica-shaped hole that BSG left in my affections. This was in large part due to the fact that I knew that Caprica was very different in flavor to BSG.

And it is. I loved the grittiness of Battlestar Galactica, I loved the desperation of it all. I also think that it was able to make its points about racism, terrorism and all the rest of it a lot more elegantly than Caprica has managed so far. It’s of course nothing new to say that science fiction has always made points about the human condition allegorically, but I’ll say that it’s very interesting to see that making the racial “other” look and feel latino/mediterranean (and by the way, I myself am latina) makes its points more specific, less universal, and in the end less effective than making the “other” simply be cylons.

All that being said, I am enjoying it, particularly for the world-building. I have to say though, much as I appreciate the effort being put into building the Tauran culture, I can’t help but feel that it feels a littleretconny, in that I don’t actually recall it ever being stated that Adama was Tauran, or it being any sort of big deal… which it certainly should be, given the revelations in Caprica.

I also can’t help thinking that it’s very odd for a third-generation Tauran to look like Lee Adama. Even taking into account that William Adama’s ex-wife was blonde and presumably Caprican, somehow I don’t think Adama himself was likely to have any recessive lilly-white blond genes to pass on to his kid. Which I freely admit is me being too nitpicky and overthinking it. And in any case, it was always unlikely that someone who looks like Edward James Olmos would produce a Jamie Bamber.

Aside from all that, the reason “There Is Another Sky” has been my favorite episode so far, is that I find Tamara’s story a lot more compelling than Zoe’s. Zoe knew going in that she was an avatar, and despite scenes such as “Do I look male to you?” she really doesn’t seem to be having that much trouble adjusting to her robotic body. Maybe it’s the actress. On the other hand, Tamara did not know or understand what was happening, and I find that a lot more intriguing. I like the tantilizing little hint about the train bombing, and how it made her pause and troubled her a moment, before putting it out of her mind. If anything I wish we could have seen more evidence of her doubts and suspicions (if she had any) as it became more and more obvious that something was seriously wrong. And I did like the scene where she finally finds out the truth; I like to think that her reaction shows that a part of her suspected or knew, but she’d refused to contemplate it.

So I certainly hope that Caprica deals more with Tamara going forward.

And I kind of want to rewatch Battlestar Galactica now

The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra, up to episode 6

Yes, I’m slow. Shut up. :D

(Actually, I watched the first four episodes as they aired, then fell behind. But then, I watched Avatar The Last Airbender after the whole thing had aired, so…)

All in all, enjoying The Legend of Korra so far. It both feels reminiscent of Avatar while being very much its own thing. I find the choice of conflict very intriguing because… well, yes, Our Heroes are benders, and they are great, and we like benders since Avatar, but on the other hand, the Equalists have a point in the fact that this is a world in which the division between benders and non-benders has generated a, shall we say, not ideal society. I also really liked the fact that the early episodes were so willing to point out that Korra was sheltered and privileged, and thus doesn’t start the series being capable of healing the rift that the Equalists are mining.

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Bronn in Blackwater

Blackwater reactions

Staying with the Battle of Blackwater for the entire episode was a bold choice, considering the usual structure of most episodes of Game of Thrones, but it payed off, and seriously… they couldn’t really cut away to f*cking Qarth in the middle of the battle for a a round of WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS!!!1!, could they?

Anyway. Reaction time!
(Contains hints about events in books beyond A Clash of Kings)

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