The Doctor’s farewell tour: ‘Closing Time’

One of the things I love about Doctor Who is that even when you know something is coming, it still surprises you.

The first episode of this series told us where and when the Doctor dies, we’ve been heading there for 13 episodes, and yet the moment the Doctor reveals that that day is tomorrow, it’s a surprise. In large part because that means we’ve skipped over 100 years* of the Doctor’s life, and that I was not expecting.

*Probably quite a bit more. I don’t remember exactly, but I’m not going to go check and expose myself to potential spoilers for the last episode.

And from the way he’s behaving, despite all his impulses, it seems like he’s actually managed to stay alone ever since he said goodbye to Amy. It explains why he seems a little more somber, a little sadder. The Doctor loves people, and being alone so long must have hurt. Particularly when he’s clearly spent that time reminding himself that the reason he’s choosing to stay is because he puts people in danger. And it’s true of course, but it’s also true that once there is danger there’s no safer place than with him, like Craig reminds him.

Maybe those days aren’t quite over yet.

It’s just really bittersweet, the way he says that, the way he reluctantly agrees to one last caper with a human companion.

Other stuff:

  • Of course it’s the current regeneration of River that is going to be in that spacesuit. I feel really dumb admitting that I hadn’t figured out that part, I still kind of expected it to be River in her little girl regeneration, but of course that’s impossible because River-as-Mels had never met the Doctor before, so it had to be after Let’s Kill Hitler.
  • Amy being the model for a perfume whose slogan is “For the girl who’s tired of waiting” was perfect… and it made me tear up a little, I admit.
  • And it was really nice to see Craig again.
  • Stormagedon, Dark Lord of All is an awesome name for a baby.

So, time for The Wedding of River Song.

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