Weekly roundup #4

After skipping a week (was sick!) I’m back.


I finished Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty. I really liked the whole final arc of the show, it was very exciting. I keep meaning to write a post about it.

I started The Longest Day in Chang-An. Watched two eps. It’s very well made.

I’ve also been rewatching more Fringe, as I code.

Fandom coding

I’ve been working on the fandom directory again, thought I was almost done, but then realized the plugin I’m using to approve users and the front-end password reset plugins I’m using aren’t playing nice with each other. So I’m probably going to have to write custom password reset forms. Or change the CSS on the login page.

I really hope people actually USE the things in the end. I know there’s a Google Form/Sheet fan directory going around (in other fandoms), but well… I like to make websites. A spreadsheet is not the nicest to look at.


Started Peerless Book 3. Really hoping I finally get into the ship. I think Cui Buqu is the issue for me…

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