Weekly roundup #3

Not that much this week, really… the ongoing fandom migration, what I’m watching, what I’m reading.

I gave myself permission to not write one of these if instead I wrote another blog post, but the weekend ended up not allowing that to happen.

The Twitter migration thing, again

I’m mostly logging on to look at fanart, that’s going to be hard to replace. But I don’t want to contribute to adding value to it, so the most I’m doing is liking stuff, maybe a direct comment here or there. No more retweets even. Thinking I may wipe my account of tweets too…

I’ve also sort of come to peace with the idea that I probably will lose contact with some of the people I know on Twitter, the ones that even now have not really made any move to move or inform of where they might move. Maybe they have but I haven’t seen. It’s sad but that’s life I guess.

Most of the people I know in fandom have moved to Tumblr or Dreamwidth. I’m activeish on Tumblr, even if I haven’t done much talking. I need to get back into the Tumblr mindset, since that IS where there are more sangcheng shippers.

I haven’t really clicked with DW again even though I tried. Did a friending meme, although I possibly made my replies too uninviting, since I was upfront about the things I DON’T like.

Mastodon continues to be awesome for general fandom, for connecting with other “fandom coders”, but much less so for the specific niche I inhabit within MDZS fandom. Hopefully that changes sometime. Who knows.

The fan directory thing has stalled a bit, in part because I’m just not sure people would use it, so… motivation has been a bit lacking to finish, once I got through solving the problem I wanted to solve.

Stuff I’m watching

Finished The Crown. This season somehow feels unfinished, like we left off mid-story. Watched some more Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty, I’m on ep 44 now, in the final stretch. And I started Taskmaster series 3! :D


Finished book/arc 2 of Peerless. Still waiting to click with the characters. This has been a bit disappointing, since I instantly clicked with the characters in both Fourteenth Year of Chenghua and Thousand Autumns. Still have over half the book to go, however! Possibly the issue is I’m a bit meh on Cui Buqu, because Feng Xiao is a little shit, and thus more obviously my type.

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  1. It’s too bad that dw doesn’t seem to be working out, but it’s tough if your interest/people aren’t there. Good luck with Tumblr!

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