Monthly round up? Some sort of roundup anyway

So the weekly roundups sure died, huh? It felt like I was rehashing the same things every week, tbh. Anyway, I figured I’d do one since new things are up.

What I’ve been doing

What I haven’t been doing that I want to do more is write fanfic. I thought, well, threadfics are a fun, low maintenance way to write! But I don’t really feel comfortable going twitter-first, and for various reasons I also didn’t feel comfortable putting threadfic right on my account (this is partly because of how Mastodon is different from Twitter and partly because most of my mutuals on Mastodon aren’t actually into the ship I am into now, and me not wanting to flood timelines with fic for it, I know people could just mute but still). So I set up, which runs on (and setting it up sure was a learning experience!), which can be followed either through the fediverse ( or RSS.

New sangcheng fic!

And then I started to use my new microblog (thread here) and it went well enough that I couldn’t resist yeeting it onto AO3 as the first chapter of a new fic, even though I have no plan as of yet, other write and see what happens. The fic is How Jiang Wanyin avoided being blacklisted by matchmakers and I assume I will use the microblog to write further chapters.


I’ve been working on my sites, the two big things being:

  • I got back online! It had been offline because I took down the Runcloud-powered droplet where the previous PHP version was hosted (much of which no longer worked, since I’d killed the database years before). So mostly over a weekend of watching Tenimyu as I coded, I converted it to Eleventy. And that was actually great for learning more about working with Eleventy because what I did was get the VERY old database running locally, export the tables as JSON files and then figure out how to generate content from those files (basically the character and seiyuu profiles, episode guide, lyrics translations and 19 fanfics that I’m pretty sure are not on AO3 were all on the database). Yesterday I also set up RSS for updates. Next step will be to make it responsive.
  • Oh, and I have no impulse control, so when I happened to see was available (it wasn’t 20 years when I made the site) I registered it and they’re mirror domains now.
  • The other thing is, I got a layout up for! The layout is grid, css masks, lots of things I had a lot of fun playing with, and I like how it came out. There’s no actual content there yet.
  • And I’ve been been working on mirroring my sangcheng fics on as opposed to just linking to them on AO3, but that’s not finished yet. Also, for this to be complete I will need to figure out how to do several layers of pagination on Eleventy, which is not really trivial (in order to have multi-chapter fics on the site).


I think I want to use to set up a webring of CLAMP sites. And I want to see if it’s possible to automate crossposting from the microblog to Twitter… although this is perhaps unlikely what with the imminent killing of the API.

5 thoughts on “Monthly round up? Some sort of roundup anyway

    1. I really suck at checking comments on here (more like I don’t get the emails, or don’t notice them, should check that out). Anyway, thank you! Perhaps this will be a kick in the ass necessary to actually work on content for it!

  1. The Sangcheng fic is so great! It’s very cool that you set up your own way of replicating the threadfic environment in a non-Twitter way. And the Lotus Pier and Chengsang sites have such pretty layouts

    1. Sorry about the late reply! Anyway, thank you, I like them too and I’m glad others do as well! The sangcheng fic has 2 more chapters now, btw (still need to stick the latest one on here though)/

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