Bronn in Blackwater

Blackwater reactions

Staying with the Battle of Blackwater for the entire episode was a bold choice, considering the usual structure of most episodes of Game of Thrones, but it payed off, and seriously… they couldn’t really cut away to f*cking Qarth in the middle of the battle for a a round of WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS!!!1!, could they?

Anyway. Reaction time!
(Contains hints about events in books beyond A Clash of Kings)

  • The Rains of Castamere is freaking awesome. I’ve never been a fan of song lyrics inserted in narrative, but I was floored when I first heard what they did with the song last week. It’s haunting and just perfect.
  • Not sure exactly what purpose the little Bronn/Hound showdown served, considering what the Hound does in this episode, but I like both these characters, so…
  • Actually, not that I dislike book!Bronn, but I like tv!Bronn a lot more in the tv show. He’s snarkiness is multiplied times a hundred, it seems like.
  • The Hound, on the other hand is… problematic. I mean, I think the actor does fine with what he’s been given, and this episode certainly serviced his character more than probably any other episode in two seasons but he’s just so nice. The Hound is not supposed to be nice. Please have him cut down a few people next season before his inevitable teamup with the biggest little badass in Westeros next season? Otherwise the whole vibe of that roadshow won’t be the same.
  • TV!Sansa not only seems less a lot less dumb but also… sassy?? Will wonders never cease. I could almost like this character, what with her actually taking a somewhat proactive role during the siege and whatnot (seriously, her complete lack of anything resembling agency in the books during the siege are a perfect example of why I find her so frustrating… but I don’t want this to turn into a rant, so I’ll leave it at that).
  • Was this the first real instance of drunk!Cersei? Lena Heady did amazing, and it makes me so very excited for season 4 (or 5, if they split A Storm of Swords in two). If there is a season 4 (or 5). Which I hope there is.
  • No chain. Not that that comes as a surprise, but still… no chain. D:
  • Bronn being the one that blew the whole shit up was pretty badass though!
  • Davos D:
  • The whole time that Stannis was leading the charge, I just kept thinking that it really didn’t seem wise for him to be the first up the siege ladders and stuff. But it was all very Stannisy, and I have to admit that, even knowing what happens to him in the books, I kept wondering if they were going to really deviate and take him prisoner or even kill him or something. So I guess good job, tv show, for keeping book fans on our toes.
  • Not surprised that what’s his name didn’t chop off half of Tyrion’s nose. Probably saves a penny or two to not have to have Peter Dinklage in makeup any time he’s on screen from now on!
  • That last scene with Cersei and Tommen was really well done. I think it was a good way to show her as the lioness from her story, defending her cubs… and of course the fact that her way of defending Tommen was to almost poison was desperate and twisted and reminded us just who she is. Also, foreshadowing!
  • Tywin is a rockstar. He really is.
  • Next week: Jagen H’ghar! Valar morghulis!

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