So, just to set things up

…because it’s been A LONG time since I’ve kept a blog.

Current series I’m watching actively right now:

  • The 100: I am completely obsessed with this. I am also a bit behind the currently airing episodes, although I do know about that huge SPOILER that was all over the internet while ago (you might say it was all the talk about the show because of it that sparked my interest). I think the first two seasons were absolutely amazing.
  • Legends of Tomorrow: love the dysfunctional dynamics, and how basically it’s a show about the many ways the ragtag team of would-be heroes find to fuck up whatever mission they’re on. Leonard Snart is the absolute best part of it, but let’s not undersell the awesomeness of SpyDaddy as Martin Stein. Surprisingly, given my love for Rory Pond, I often want to punch Rip Hunter in the face.
  • Nashville: surprising, for me, but I kind of really enjoy it.
  • The Good Wife: have followed it for years, now I’m along for its swan song.
  • Survivor and The Amazing Race: because I have for years.
  • I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to watch this season of Game of Thrones. A particular plot point in last night’s premiere made me want to flip a table.
  • Silicon Valley: because it’s hilarious. Also, Aviato.
  • I am also rewatching and introducing some friends to The Genius. Which is better than Survivor. And Sangmin is GOD.

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