“I’m your friend, James, but please explain to me as simply as possible what part of DO NOT INCUR THE WRATH OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH did you not understand?”

—George Castle to James Steel, Law & Order UK

Oh, James. XD

‘Honour Bound’ Law & Order UK series 2 finale

Really enjoyed this episode. It had my favorite characters doing their thing, and the title sort of directly applies to their choices and actions in the episode. They all do what they believe is the right thing to do, and it’s interesting how each goes about it in a different way, and more so how it puts them at odds.

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James: You can skate?
Alesha: Oh yeah.
J: What are you doing Saturday afternoon?
A: …Watching you fall flat on your ass.

—James Steel and Alesha Phillips, L&O:UK ep 2×05

Gonna miss the flirty interaction between these two so much now that Ben Daniels is gone.

Law & Order UK 4×01: James Steel on a mission

ID was a James Steel episode through and through… and since he happens to be my favorite character in Law & Order: UK, I just loved it.

It really showcased what I find fascinating about his personality, that he has this very strong idealistic streak that made him give up defense and that makes him so willing to take risks with his own career, but at the same time that idealism is laced with a certain arrogance.

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