Law & Order UK 4×01: James Steel on a mission

ID was a James Steel episode through and through… and since he happens to be my favorite character in Law & Order: UK, I just loved it.

It really showcased what I find fascinating about his personality, that he has this very strong idealistic streak that made him give up defense and that makes him so willing to take risks with his own career, but at the same time that idealism is laced with a certain arrogance.

I get the sense that he doesn’t take risks simply out of an altruistic need to do the right thing; but that it’s more of rational, cerebral decision to champion what he believes is correct, and in that belief, because he is an intelligent man that knows he is intelligent, he toes the line between idealism and self-righteousness. I love that.

I also loved how that self-righteousness got a little dent there at the end, when he and Alesha were told that the the original suspect was found hanging from the ceiling in his cell. He inmediately assumes it was suicide, and the defense barrister replies “You believe that if it helps you sleep at night”. I think he said in an earlier episode that he left defense so he could sleep better, so to have that thrown back at him, to have him question even for a moment the path that he pursued so sure of it being the right and just, was very intriguing. He’s just so interesting.

And then shortly after I found out that it was announced a little while ago that Ben Daniels is leaving/has left the show, and I have to admit I may only have started watching L&O: UK a few months ago, but I’m more than a little bit sad.

I’m going to miss you, James Steel.

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