‘Honour Bound’ Law & Order UK series 2 finale

Really enjoyed this episode. It had my favorite characters doing their thing, and the title sort of directly applies to their choices and actions in the episode. They all do what they believe is the right thing to do, and it’s interesting how each goes about it in a different way, and more so how it puts them at odds.

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Law & Order UK: Brofists forever!

I’ve been watching the new episodes of the current L&O UK series, but I recently started watching from the beginning as well (this is one of the things I like about procedurals… you can just jump in without feeling lost). At any rate, Law & Order is Law & Order, which means it’s always good, but it being in the UK gives it a special flavor.

In general I love the characters (James Steel in particular rocks, I think he’s my favorite), but the point of this post is that the dynamic between Ronnie Brooks and Matt Devlin is just wonderful. Their snarky back and forth is so much fun to watch, and I really love how Ronnie tends to be the one the one that comes out on top in their banter (as we say in Spanish, “más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo”). Loved how he let Matt try to awkwardly speak French before revealing he can speak it in the very first episode; and then in the one after that, the scene where Alesha comes to enlist Ronnie’s help with food, and he only jumps at the chance once Matt shows up and gets miffed that she didn’t bring him food.

And then, of course, there was Anonymous, and the tension between them there, and how even if they’re pitted against each other, they’re still bros at the end of the day.