#TokyoBabylon reread, starting Call A

This is so fucking ominous when you know what happens in X

Page of Tokyo Babylon with a big panel showing Sunshine 60 and surrounding area

Subaru is actually 2 years older than me 😅

Subaru says his birthday is February 19, 1974

That fucking liar 😂

Seishirou says HIS birthday is April 1, 1965

Ok, boomer

Seishirou asks what a party line is

This whole chapter has such ‘X is coming!’ vibes

Hokuto talks about how the millennium is coming

So obviously if there IS an anime with an episode titled “Call” it means it happens in the 90s, right? Because this wouldn’t play out over the phone these days.

Girls discussing meeting on a party line


Seishirou saying they could employ an Islamic chant or christian hymn

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