Sakura and the Final Judgement

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The Final Judgement

Yue is so pretty

That’s going to be my commentary for the whole episode. Variations on “Yue pretty!”

I wish I’d known about that gorgeous Yue figure when it was possible to get it 😭

Ok, not just Yue pretty.

This situation is actually quite cruel. And of course Clow Reed fucking set it up. He planned it to be EVEN worse, in fact. Because he’s a shithead like that.

Yue pretty!

I’d forgotten the extent to which Sakura legitimately gets the shit beat out of her by Yue

Pretty! Pretty! So pretty!

Sorry that an eleven-year-old girl doesn’t have command of symbolism!

Say it with me



Your unresolved issues are showing, Yue


This is all very sad, but the real tragedy as far as I’m concerned is that Touya wouldn’t even know Yukito EXISTED

In this Yukito-less world, Touya has no one, because he doesn’t love Sakura the same way either

The game is RIGGED
And you know WHO shithead is pulling the strings.
It doesn’t matter that it’s rigged so that Sakura wins. It’s still infuriating

This is why it’s so satisfying that Touya/Yuki was the ONE thing he didn’t plan on. Their love messed his shit up and it’s glorious

Sakura has to fight,and defeat, Yue, who is also the person she loves, in order to save that love. And everyone else’s too.

Kamui should really watch CCS. I’m sure there’s a lesson for him in there somewhere.

Joke’s on you! This 11-year-old really doesn’t care about moon symbolism!

As usual, Sakura is best girl and just GETS IT


Look, I love the character of Clow Reed.
He’s also a complete jackass.


Such a cute note for the season to end on ❤️