Sangcheng threadfic: heatstroke

Thinking about NHS during practice at the CR, touching the back of his slender hand to his face and saying it’s very hot, he feels faint, and then proceeding to just that… conveniently when JC is right there so he can catch him.

Which JC does. And he’s briefly worried, because NHS does look flushed. But then NHS opens one and winks at him, before anyone can get close enough to notice. JC resists the urge to roll his eyes and just drop NHS.

LWJ looks at them suspiciously, but LXC sighs (refrains from smiling indulgently) and tells JC maybe it’s too hot for NHS, help him to his room to rest.

So JC does. Princess carries him away from the training yard, and mutters “What the hell are you up to?”

NHS laughs but then sighs dramatically “Heatstroke, Jiang-xiong, I have a delicate constitution…”

JC does roll his eyes at this.

He kicks open the door to NHS’ room when they get there, strides over to the bed and half lays, half dumps NHS on it. NHS stretches out languidly, still acting despite no one but them being there.

“Right,” JC says, and he starts to turn when he feels NHS hand on his robe.

“Don’t go Jiang-xiong, I’m still not recovered,” he says, pouting slightly.

JC looks down at him and can’t help laughing. He lets NHS tug him down to sit on his bed. “You’re unbelievable,” he says fondly.

NHS smiles and tugs him close enough to kiss.

~Some time later~

LQR sends JZX to check up on NHS, since JC never returned, is NHS ok? And JZX, because he’s JZX and didn’t have the sense to stop at the door and listen 5 seconds or knock, walks in one them, making out in bed, robes undone.

The poor peacock is very not amused at walking in on JC and NHS’ escapade! JC just glares and yells, while NHS has to try to keep them from yelling at each other and possibly getting in a fight and convincing JZX not to tell on them.

You might think after this, NHS might reconsider repeating his little fainting trick.

You’d be wrong.

~The End~

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