Super Hero Time! Den-O (re)watch?

So Kate (greatfountain at LJ/ @yanasoro) and I have been thinking about doing a Kamen Rider Den-O rewatch (rewatch for her, half rewatch for me, since I actually have not finished the series). In light of the fact that Ozu debuts September 5th and that the writer is Kobayashi, who also wrote Den-O (and Ryuki!), it might be fun to do it before then.

Mostly we’re just going to be watching a certain number of eps per week, and talking amongst ourselves, but we thought that Den-O being Den-O there might be others interested in watching along, so we’re testing the waters and asking if there’s interest (in other words: if you might be into it, comment and say so… we’re not going to hold you to it or anything, we just want to know if others might like to try it :D).

Anyway, we’d be watching 8 episodes every week starting next week, with the exception of the 6th week (August 28 to September 5th), when we’d watch 9 eps. If others are into it, we’ll see about setting up weekly discussion posts somewhere (I’m thinking separate spoilery and spoiler-free versions?).

So once again, comment if you’re interested~ \:D/
(Here on my blog, or on the crossposted entry at my LJ)

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