Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay are awesome

I know that this is old news, but since I only watched the first season of White Collar in the past month, I wouldn’t have known when it was new… Anyway, Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay did a webcast back before the season 1 finale, answering fans’ questions. And watching them play off each other in it is awesome. You can tell these guys just really enjoy each other, and that’s no doubt a big part of why Neal and Peter’s relationship on the show is so interesting.

And Matt? Is a little shameless, and I love it. Right at the start he says to Tim, perfectly deadpan, “Here’s a good one… Um, how big is your gun?”. ¦D

Three scenes from Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs starts next Tuesday on USA, and I’m actually really excited because I love the spy genre, and also because I already like both Chris Gorham (loved him in Popular, never actually watched Ugly Betty, though) and Sendhil Ramamurthy (who deserved better than Heroes ever gave him, in my opinion).

At any rate, three scenes from the pilot are up on the show’s YouTube channel. :D

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The thing about Double

I haven’t really kept up with Kamen Rider Double since very early on in its run; since October, I think it was. My excuse has been that it didn’t quite grab me, and that in general I have to be really into something to actually put in the time and effort to follow it week by week. That it’s not that I don’t like Double, I just don’t love it that much, and I’d just catch up at some point.

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Kamen Rider Os

So they’ve done the press conference announcing the next Kamen Rider series, in this case OOO or Ozu (yes, like Faiz).

I kind of bailed early on in Double due to lack of interest and just not really getting into the story at the time, and I never did get caught up, but now I’m… let’s say cautiously excited for the new installment. The main reason is that the main writer is Kobayashi Yasuko, who is responsible for Ryuki (my favorite Rider series), Den-O, Shinkenger (which I love), and Timeranger (which I haven’t seen but have heard great things about).

I’m not crazy about the suit design, but it looks better than the initial magazine scans led us to believe, so we’ll see.

And obviously, the cast was announced, the characters introduced, etc, and here I’m intrigued by a couple of things. Read more “Kamen Rider Os”

So, about Irina Derevko…

So the impromptu Alias marathon is going along way faster than I expected it to, and last night I watched the season 2 premiere, The Enemy Walks In.

The enemy being, of course, one Irina Derevko.

So this seems like a good time to pause and post about something I’ve been thinking about since I rewatched episode 11, The Confession, in which Sydney first learns the truth about her mother. And basically what I’ve been thinking is more than any single other element, more than even Sydney herself, it’s Irina that truly defined Alias. Read more “So, about Irina Derevko…”

El Dorado no Yoru

In case there was any doubt that Kuya was the “ensemble darkhorse” of Indigo no Yoru… there’s now going to be El Dorado no Yoru. All about guess whom.

So there’d been talk on Tokuyama Hidenori’s blog of a “Kuya revival” and that more details would be forthcoming. Well, the details came.  They’re calling it a special drama, sort of a spin-off drama for Indigo no Yoru; but there’s no mention of anyone involved yet other than Hide, so I have no idea what it actually IS. But there is a screening in Nagoya on September 19th. What I’m not sure about is whether the screening is sort of a pilot to test the waters or whether it means it’s more like a movie and hence that’s all there will be to it or what.

I’m sure there’s more information that can be gleaned by people whose Japanese is better than mine, so I appreciate any help from anyone that can get a better sense of what the announcements say.

Anyway, links:

  • Official announcement –
  • At the Indigo No Yoru blog –

Can I just say that if there’s one thing I’m hoping for, it’s for Yuya to at least have a cameo? :D;

ETA: Apparently it is a one shot thing, that will be shown only at that screening in Nagoya. Hopefully they’ll release it on a DVD one can actually buy as opposed to just… being handed out to the people at the event. (Thanks to Athena8 for the quickie translation!)