The thing about Double

I haven’t really kept up with Kamen Rider Double since very early on in its run; since October, I think it was. My excuse has been that it didn’t quite grab me, and that in general I have to be really into something to actually put in the time and effort to follow it week by week. That it’s not that I don’t like Double, I just don’t love it that much, and I’d just catch up at some point.

Anyway, I watched this week’s episode because I heard Kawai Ryunosuke was guest starring and Kawai is one of those guys that will make me watch random eps of stuff I don’t follow, completely out of context, just because I like the guy and want to see what he’s up to. So I watched this episode even though I only have the vaguest idea what’s going on in Double.

And it reminded me exactly of why it was that I actually stopped watching.

The thing that I’d forgotten is, in many ways, I actually loved the show. I got a huge kick out of Kiriyama Renn’s Shotaro, and I found Philip really interesting. Visually, I love the look of the show. I found the private eye parody angle a lot of fun. And I think the suit itself is gorgeous (not sold on the Cyclone Joker Extreme, though, I’ll admit). There are so many things about Double I really enjoy. But there’s also one thing about Double that annoys me so much that I can’t focus on everything I like about the show, and that’s Akiko. I don’t find her cute, and I certainly don’t find her funny, and the thing is that she’s not the sort of character that I can just ignore because she commands so much attention.

But I’m going to find a way to ignore her if I’m ever going to actually watch Double, which I do want to do at some point, because like I said, except for that one little detail, I actually really enjoy it.

Oh, here, have some Kawai…

6 thoughts on “The thing about Double

  1. I totally agree. She gets a little(?) less irritating the more you watch and better able to block her out, but as a whole, I just can’t stand her character. She just annoys me. I keep hoping she dies… sadly I don’t think its going to happen…

    1. I really don’t think they’re going to kill off the show’s heroine. At least not until the very end, if it ends up being THAT kind of Kamen Rider. :D

      Anyway, I wouldn’t say I want her to DIE. I just want her to dial it down. A lot.

  2. Well, if you haven’t seen it, Kawai was a guest star in Ultraman Mebius episode 28. Personally, I think he was terrific there. :)

    I haven’t been keeping up with Double either, but I think I’ll put it on top of things to watch now that I know Kawai will be appearing in it. :)

    1. He was? I didn’t know! Mebius is the one with Taicho and Dai-chan, right? All I’ve seen is ep 1…

      Personally, I think he was terrific there. :)

      Kawai is always terrific. ♡

      (Even in that silly musical about medical students with Morimo).

      1. Yes, the one with Rasshii and Watanabe. :) If you’re interested in seeing more, the Mebius TV series is completely subbed.

        Oh, which silly musical, if I may ask? :)

        1. I know it’s all subbed. Thing is that back when I watched an ep of it, all the toku I’d seen was a few Kabuto eps, and I don’t think I had the right mindset for it. XD

          Silly musical is Kendama. I downloaded it AGES ago becasuse of Kawai, before I knew Morimo, then deleted it after and now I regret it SO much.

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