Checking out new shows

Been kind of busy and tired, and when I’ve had time I’ve been playing around with WP3’s custom posts and taxonomies (because I’m a geek like that). But at any rate, I’ve watched several things in the past week:

Moyashimon. With Channaka and Kato Natsuki. It was cute and cracky and amusing. Kato Natsuki really knows how to work the leather… in spite of her germ-infested toes. ¦D

Kaname Jun in Unubore Deka is FABULOUS \:D/ on TwitpicUnubore Deka. Watched basically because Kaname Jun is in it. Ikuta Toma was a plus, too (I’m not into JE, but I like him). Anyway, it was hilarious, so will keep watching. Also? Kaname Jun. In pink pants. Dancing and grabbing himself. Need I say more?

First two eps of Burn Notice. I actually had not watched before, figured I should. It was a lot of fun, although so far Michael is the only character I’m really loving. He’s enough, though, and Fiona did grow on me in ep 2. Which means I have 3 seasons of catch-up to do.

White Collar season 2 premiere (okay, so this is neither a new show, nor new to me). It’s great to have Marsha Thomason on as a regular, loved Peter and Mossie’s secret meetings in the park. Didn’t love the greenscreening in the Let’s Hide Tiffany Thiessen’s Pregnancy scene. Loved Neal, obviously. Also, I think it was a good setup for the season, and I’ll probably make a longer post about it.

Covert Affairs. So far? Really promising. I already love Annie (I admit, at least in part because she has a cat that looks like my Otto). Chris Gorham’s Auggie is probably my favorite element of the pilot. Will probably make a longer post about this one too.

El Dorado no Yoru

In case there was any doubt that Kuya was the “ensemble darkhorse” of Indigo no Yoru… there’s now going to be El Dorado no Yoru. All about guess whom.

So there’d been talk on Tokuyama Hidenori’s blog of a “Kuya revival” and that more details would be forthcoming. Well, the details came.  They’re calling it a special drama, sort of a spin-off drama for Indigo no Yoru; but there’s no mention of anyone involved yet other than Hide, so I have no idea what it actually IS. But there is a screening in Nagoya on September 19th. What I’m not sure about is whether the screening is sort of a pilot to test the waters or whether it means it’s more like a movie and hence that’s all there will be to it or what.

I’m sure there’s more information that can be gleaned by people whose Japanese is better than mine, so I appreciate any help from anyone that can get a better sense of what the announcements say.

Anyway, links:

  • Official announcement –
  • At the Indigo No Yoru blog –

Can I just say that if there’s one thing I’m hoping for, it’s for Yuya to at least have a cameo? :D;

ETA: Apparently it is a one shot thing, that will be shown only at that screening in Nagoya. Hopefully they’ll release it on a DVD one can actually buy as opposed to just… being handed out to the people at the event. (Thanks to Athena8 for the quickie translation!)