Den-O 13-14: And then there were four

And so we get to Ryutaros. I’m not really sure how I feel about him. Sometimes he can be fun(ny), and certainly liking puppies and kittens is cute, and his color is purple, but the fact that he’s a willful brat means that ultimately I tend to find him very tiring and frustrating, sometimes outright annoying. :D;

Also, so far there’s really hints of there being more to him than “willful brat”, which means he’s just not that intriguing as a character.

Slightly more intriguing is his assertion that someone “put it in my head” that he’s supposed to defeat Ryotaro. He doesn’t know who, but he says that that’s what all Imagin are like. Does he mean they’re doing what they’re doing because someone put it in their head and they don’t know why? This same person also gave him his very own pass to ride the Denliner, which means unlike the others, he can’t be kicked out. Or at least, that he doesn’t need Ryotaro to share his pass with him.

Aside from Ryutaros, this episode Miura trying to hypnotize Ryutaro and hypnotizing Airi instead, and she went into a kind of dreamy haze where she sort of remembered, and we see that the telescope reminds her of going to look at the stars from an observatory with a man, while Ryotaro waits happily for them. So she has Ozaki take her there, and seems to think she’s with the man from her memories. By the time a very aprehensive Ryotaro finds her, she’s forgotten everything again.

Oh, and she had The Watch, with the inscription “The past should give us hope”.

And incidentally, we see a lot more of the mystery guy who’s constantly checking his clock. Oh gee, I wonder if the two clocks are related. ¦D

One last thing, re: something that came up in ep 1: Ryutaros possessed Ryotaro at the same time as Urataros, so that small issue with the sand remains an inconsistency.

5 thoughts on “Den-O 13-14: And then there were four

  1. RE the sand in the first ep: Yeah, they totally retconned it.

    I cosplayed as Airi today at a small con–sadly, no pictures, but I’ll try to get some next time!

    1. Interesting! Cause I would think Airi is hard to cosplay as, since she’s basically a normal woman that dresses normally.

      1. I have the same hair and sort of the same clothes, but even then I’d have to stand next to someone from the same show to make it work, ahaha orz. Only one person got who I was at the con, although I was impressed that anyone realized I was cosplaying at all.

  2. it was always interesting that they had the intro episode pair and then the more-on-the-character episode pair.. at which point, i end up putting my head between my hands and go.. why? i like all of them better as time progresses since it’s not as crazy as their first two episode pairs. kintaros being hard-headed and reacting to everything that sounds like “naku” was a little appalling at times even though i admire his overall personality, otherwise. ryuutaros was a little harder to swallow since the damage he caused in gun form was a LOT worse and he was virtually uncontrollable. (i don’t remember where i’m going with this anymore, but i’m also trying not to touch on subjects i could get spoiler-y on. XD)

    the idea that some great force was placing ideas in their heads… i wonder if there was ever anything placed in the other three’s heads, and what they would be. i rather like the fact that even though ryuutaros is a humongous brat, he’s pretty upfront about stuff.

    i also like the inscription on the watch… and the fact that they reveal it now. here was my question, though.. they have the watch in the store now… but the “stranger” is obviously traveling with same watch. was all that traveling done before he disappeared (and airi lost her memory)?

    1. Yeah, the heavy-handed hamminess can get a bit much, right? At least, in Kintaros case, since he’s actually pretty cool, so the pavlovian response is kind of jarring.

      As for the “stuff in their heads”, the other 3 also have an overriding THING they’re after, don’t they? Fighting for Momo, banging chicks for Ura, and strength for Kitnaros.

      was all that traveling done before he disappeared (and airi lost her memory)?

      …Ow. My head. +_+

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