Breaking in the new blog

First “official” post on the new blog!

It’s been several years since I last had a self-hosted blog, and frankly I’ve missed it. Mostly I plan to talk about whatever happens to hold my interest at the time, which in this case means that a White Collar post should be be coming up soon.

I’m not particularly good at self-introductions. Obviously.

5 thoughts on “Breaking in the new blog

  1. Nemi says:

    I think I’m just kinda amazed your domain wasn’t already spoken for. I kinda miss blogging too but not after I found out the blog I left up on my website let some hackers send out spam mail and fraudulent emails from my domain :D

    Otherwise hai Mura!

    1. Mati says:

      Well, ARE already taken (but with placeholders that don’t have anything to do with “tl;dr”. So I had to hyphen it, because by then I was attached to the idea.

      What did your old blog used to run on? Blogger?

  2. didi says:

    self-introductions are unnecessary… it’ll be buried soon enough anyway. :)

    1. Mati says:

      Yeah, mostly it just felt like it needed something intro-y. XD

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