9 thoughts on “Allies of Justice FTW

  1. matirosero says:

    [New Post] Allies of Justice FTW – via #twitoaster http://tl-dr.net/2010/06/09/allies-of-ju

  2. Tofubeast says:


    1. Mati says:

      Yes indeed. XD

  3. Anne says:

    Too much hotness. I can’t handle this. (*_______________*)

    1. Mati says:

      G3-X totally exceeded my expectations, to tell you the truth.

      Although I still think Gatack is the most gorgeous of the FIguarts I’ve got.

  4. Nemi says:

    Oh hai Mura’s new blog. :O With Kamen Rider action figures.

    1. Mati says:

      I’m not planning on having it be FULL of toys. Really. :D;

  5. CATRsChris says:

    These guys are just screaming for some text balloons!

    1. Mati says:

      Usually they have a little story attached, but this was just a quickie YAY, BFFs thing.

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