A Feast for Crows

Finished “A Feast For Crows”

I read Game of Thrones last year, and then in the past month and a half tore through Clash of Kings, Storm of Swords and Feast for Crows. The trigger was the beginning of the second season, two hours after watching the first episode I was well into Clash of Kings.  Game of Thrones had left me with somewhat mixed feelings (I get the sense that occasionally having something of a love/hate relationship with these books is not that uncommon). My feelings about the series are no longer mixed, and Storm of Swords in particular was amazing. I could not put it down.

Thoughts below, centered on but not limited to Feast of Crows; because it’s what I’ve read most recently.

  • Arya Arya Arya! Back in CoK, weasel soup and Harrenhall pushed Arya from “one of the 4 or 5 characters I enjoy most” to my undisputed favorite. Yes, unoriginal of me. I’ve enjoyed reading her journey so much, and to be honest, I would happily read a book just about Arya. I love how no matter what her situation, Arya will always find a way to at least shake things up in an attempt to change her circumstances.
  • Harrenhall was my favorite part of CoK, and Jaqen H’ghar has claimed the title of Favorite Minor character. I have to admit that I completely missed his return in the prologue of FfC, until I read references to it elsewhere online. I love that he’s still around, but I do miss his referring to himself in the third person.
  • The Hound & Arya was also something I really enjoyed. It was really interesting two see their dynamic evolve. No, they never grew close (although the Hound did have a grudging appreciation of Arya), but Arya went from hating him and wanting to escape to… hating him but choosing not to leave. And in the end, you do have to admit that they were kindred spirits, driven largely by rage.
  • Alayne > Sansa. I can’t remember disliking any character as much as I disliked Sansa in Game of Thrones, but I must admit that if it wasn’t for the fact that I know Alayne is Sansa, I could almost like her new persona. She seems like she can actually function in society, unlike Sansa.
  • Speaking of Alayne, every one of her chapters makes me feel like I really shouldn’t like Littlefinger, he’s just so creepy and pedo around her. But then by the end I’m inevitably thinking “well-played, sir”. He’s such a wonderful schemer. I do expect his schemes to blow up in his face sooner or later though.
  • It’s only happened with Brienne, but I can totally see it becoming a pattern that anytime someone figures out the truth about Gendry they’ll be just about to tell him only to be interrupted.
  • That little revelation about how Doran Martell planned to marry Arianne to Viserys floored me. It made me miss Viserys. That would have created so much mayhem.
  • Speaking of Dorne, the Red Viper is sorely missed, and I really want to see more of the Sand Snakes.
  • I don’t like Cersei, but I have to admit that her chapters were among what I enjoyed most in FfC. She’s such a trainwreck and it’s just so entertaining to read.
  • Jamie has been clawing his way up the ranks of my favorites. One-handed, obviously.

I have to complain, though, about the way FfC ends without any sense of anything remotely resembling resolution for any storyline. At the very least I wanted Cersei and Margaery’s trial. I know that it was initially supposed to be one book, but seriously, some sense of closure would have been appreciated.

That said, however, still really enjoying the ride!

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