Watching Doctor Who

So, I kind of decided yesterday to watch the first Doctor Who ep with Matt Smith… and since then I have watched the first eight episodes of the season. :D;;

So basically, I haven’t really watched Doctor Who before, other than the first few Eccleston episodes, which I liked, but then I got distracted. And since, I’ve never goten around to watching because the thought of all that catch up is daunting.

But since I loved Sherlock so much, I thought, oh well, why not just watch starting with Moffat’s Doctor Who? So if I like, I can just go back later.

(Hmmm… this kind of reminds me of how I fell down the slippery slope of toku fandom… oh, I’ll just watch Decade… and maybe finish Kabuto while I’m at it, and 6 months later I’ve watched most of the Heisei Riders and Kamen Rider has totally eaten my brain).

Anyway, love the Doctor himself. Amy is awesome. Rory is, somewhat to my surprise, since I didn’t expect it from the first ep, awesome himself. The time travel aspect of the story is fun and intriguing and nicely complicated… my favorite example of it so far is the Doctor’s story with River. The idea of two people who “keep meeting in the wrong order”, so that their story is in her past but in his future, is really interesting and thought provoking (and of course, at some point this will reverse, and the story will be in his past and her future… it’s kind of a¬†never-ending¬†loop, if you think about it).

And those angels where the creepiest, scariest thing I’ve seen in quite awhile.

5 thoughts on “Watching Doctor Who

  1. lol. for people who keep meeting in the wrong order, there’s also “the time traveler’s wife”. XD;

    i watched a couple of the dr. who episodes from the more recent doctors.. and it’s quite a change from what i used to see when i was in high school. set-wise and in cinematography. generally, it may be easier to watch… (kinda like.. star trek the original vs star trek enterprise in visuals.. maybe.)

    1. Haha, yes, there is, except that love stories have a tendency to bore me. Well,okay, not ALL love stories. I like when they’re not the focus, and when the’re not about OMG WE CAN NEVER BE TOGETHER. So yeah. :D

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you’re getting back into Who. But that show is like crack and eats your brain.

    You have to at least go back to the other seasons and watch the Moffat eps from them. He always does some of the best of the season. In season 1 there’s the two parter with the creepy gasmask child ‘are you my mummy?’ and he introduces us to Captain Jack Harkness! In 2 there’s the Girl in the Fireplace which is probably my favourite episode that season. Season 3 is where he introduces us to the angels with Sally Sparrow and the doctor is in the episode for about 10 minutes but it’s totally time whimey and creepy. It’s always voted one of the top eps of the new who. And season 4 is the Silence in the Library two parter where we and the Doctor first meet River Song.

    I’m telling you, Moffat consistently writes some of the best episodes for the series. Though I did find that as the showrunner he did let a few weak episodes slip into the mix. But I guess they can’t all be winners. I do like Amy and Rory though. It’s nice to see a couple on the Tardis and I love their dynamics.

    I’ve shown my true colours as a Doctor Who fangirl. >.> Oh noes!

    1. Well, not so much back into, since I wasn’t really “into” it before, more like, giving it another go. Anyway! Head spinning! Too much information! :D/

      Have you watched Sherlock by the way? You’d probably like it if you haven’t

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