The Sleeping Beauty play

#CardcaptorSakura 42
I forgot the Sleeping Beauty play story was two episodes

He’s so happy to be on a date with his boyfriend 🥺

They’re so cute together

Yukito knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. Absolutely brutal 🤣

Subtle, Yuki. Real subtle.

I love Yukito so much. He’s a merciless bastard. 😆❤️

Tomoyo is just as much of a merciless bastard 😆

I bet he grabbed Touya’s hand, he’s so excited.
And touya.exe stopped working

I bet when Touya and Yukito are on dates at the movies, and Yukito keeps whispering in the dark excitedly

Yes, I’m ridiculous, I know

They’re acting like proud parents

Overprotective oniichan mode, ACTIVATE!

I’m so proud of her, she’s the best

No comment necessary ❤️

Daytrip to Tokyo

#CardcaptorSakura episode 40
In which the kids go to Tokyo

Meilin is such a flawless queen

The trip into the depths of Tomoyo’s id is interesting

Hint: she’s not talking about the movie, Sakura

Syaoran’s bisexual panic over liking Yukito AND Sakura is adorable

His fantasies are so extra

Next stop, destiny

Honestly, I probably made that same face

Yes, how strange this all is

Kero and Yukito knowing each other? What could this all mean! So strange amirite?

Honestly though, I legitimately like this whole sequence

I thought we covered this, Sakura

You know, I would have liked to see what it showed Touya and Yukito