#CardcaptorSakura 38

(I actually have no idea what happens, I just remember I liked it and Touya/Yuki stuff happened)

Yamazaki time 🤣❤️

How providential!

(And Yukito just “tags along” on Touya’s part time jobs now)

Best boyfriends ❤️

“Enough playing with the children, let’s go make out behind that shed”

Aww, having their break together

Thing is, in the manga, Touya told Yuki about Kaho right after she showed up (we see Yukito thanking him Touya for telling him). Here, it’s been over half a year. So yeah, Touya doing the not communicating thing. Although he does say he’ll tell Yukito soon, so there’s that.

I do prefer the manga, though, I like Touya being open with Yukito, especially about difficult subjects.

Worried older brother!


Right. THIS is why I like this episode so much.

I love this, right down to the pregnant pause. ❤️

So obviously as a shipper I know what I want it to be. As a logical person, either he IS going to talk about the Kaho thing (also significant moment of opening up), OR he’s already trying to tell Yukito what he knows about him.

It’s probably too soon for the last one, though? And maybe he was going to talk about Kaho, and he hadn’t before because he wasn’t ready to follow through on what she’d said, and how he’s in love with Yukito now, but he wanted to, now, and then chickened out.

Or maybe, alternate interpretation to conventional wisdom that I subscribe to aside, they ARE together, and he WAS just trying to tell Yukito what he knew. And then all the tension inthe Sakura Card arc is for nothing, as far as “NOW KISS”, because they already do. 🤡

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