OOO 23-24: The Fighting Doctor

As far as I’m concerned, the important thing about these episodes is… Date backstory!!

I mean, yes, there was all the stuff about Date’s former colleague, and how she wanted to be pretty like her sister, and how the lesson is that about real beauty and being yourself, yada yada yada… I think it’s fair to say that I have a lot more to say when the underlying theme is about how justice is subjective or the like than this, because… well, there’s not much to say, right?

Anyway, apparently Date was in some kind of Doctors Without Borders, and he was called The Fighting Doctor (so, not exactly Doctors Without Borders, probably). So, yes, I got it wrong, did not expect this, and I found it pretty interesting actually, that he used to dedicate his life to helping others while now his motives appear to be more selfish. Of course, by now the real reason he wants that money has probably been revealed, but at this point it hasn’t, so there you go. Also interesting is how at the end Gotou asks him if it’s okay to just let go of his former colleague like that, since she appeared to be into him, and he says rather matter of factly that has his hands full right now.

Other interesting things:

  • Cazali is gaining some of the other Greeds’ powers by absorbing their Core Medals, and there is apparently a dichotomy between his craving more but having the self-control necessary to not end up like Mezul.
  • It appears that there are side effects to being Kamen Rider Birth, but Date isn’t particularly worried. Dr Maki refers’ to Date’s particular circumstances, fueling the idea that he’s sick or has some sort of health problem. Kitaoka factor!
  • Apparently Gotou is very popular with the girls at Cous Coussier, while Eiji just attracts cougars.
  • Date think Eiji appears withdrawn from everything and everyone, including himself, which is unusual considering he’s relatively young. (Cougars like ’em fresh!)
  • The best thing about this week’s Yummy was the effect on Eiji, and how awesomely hilarious and ridiculous it was to see him running around like a complete idiot because he thought he was ~in love~.
  • I think Satonaka may have a little crush on Date. I don’t blame her.
  • This is where Dr Maki first starts obsessing about Chiyoko.
  • Shirtless Date is good Date.

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