Kamisama Help! trailer

So this is actually not new, but I had only seen it at Nippon Cinema and hadn’t noticed it was up on Kato Kazuki’s YouTube channel in nicer quality…

So, a horror movie is really not something I would be interested in under normal circumstances, but Kazuki is in it, in his first starring role, and thus it meritsĀ  consideration. It seems more campy than played straight, so who knows, I might actually watch it. Maybe. Not making any promises.

It does have three things going for it, though:

  • Psycho!Kazuki. I’ve been saying for ages how Kazuki needs to do something like this. Yes, he’s totally hammy here, he probably had a blast with it.
  • Matsuda Satoshi is in it! Possibly evil too? Not psycho evil, but perhaps man behind the curtain evil? Awesome.
  • The theme song (performed by Kazuki) sounds great. Totally want that.

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