Rupert Graves, Law & Order: UK and Spooks

…And now it’s really been awhile since I last updated this blog.

My laptop got fixed, after three weeks, but then I sold it and got a new one. So, back now!

In the meantime, my obsession with all things Sherlock has progressed from Benedict Cumberbatch to Rupert Graves, who is in a lot of stuff! It’s a lot easier to get an actor fix when said actor guest stars on a lot of procedural dramas. And for this reason, I’ve watched his episodes of New Tricks and Law & Order: UK, and also sort of skimmed through a bit of Single Father. The later I’m not that into, but I’ll probably watch a bit more (yes, just for Rupert Graves, I’m shallow like that), New Tricks was amusing… and L&O:UK I loved and have started  watching. I already liked original flavor L&O and SVU, so it’s not surprising that I’d like the UK version (L&O + accents = win). Also, Jamie Bamber ♥! (No, I have not watched Battlestar Galactica… thinking perhaps I’ll have to correct that at some point).

The other thing is that, after quite a while of meaning to get around to it, I started watching Spooks. I enjoy the spy genre a lot and am just loving Spooks. I’m about to finish the first series/season, and will probably be posting about it after I do.

And yes, I’ve fallen way behind on the toku side. Oops?

Sherlock recs!

This post will be periodically updated with new recs.
Last updated: 10/30

It has been a long long time since a show has grabbed my attention the way Sherlock has, to the point that I’ve been completely neglecting, well, pretty much anything that is not Sherlock related. So I thought I’d just rec links related to this awesome little show that has pretty much just eaten my brain the past few weeks.

Sherlock blogs/communities
Probably anyone that is into Sherlock fandom knows these, but oh well…

  • Fuck Yeah Sherlock – Tumblr blog! Awesome for picspams, videos, etc.
  • SherlockBBC extremely active, very awesome LJ comm for Sherlock. Obviously, there’s a ton of fanfic (slash, gen, cracky crossovers, what have you), but it’s also a great place for actual discussion and meta.
  • CumberbatchFans – if in the past 3 or 4 weeks you have developed, like I have, the most ridiculous crush on Benedict Cumberbatch, then check out this comm.
  • his name is better than yours – Tumblr dedicated to Benedict Cumberbatch. Because there can never be too much Cumberbatch.
  • Fuck Yeah Martin Freeman – As the name suggests. Tumblr. Martin Freeman.
  • Rupert Fucking Graves – Tumblr. Rupert Graves. :D/

Fanfic recs
Many of these are slash/pre-slash. ;D

(I should maybe mention that as far as I’m concerned, Sherlock is canonically asexual. This doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy slash, though).

The Thermodynamis series – by [ljuser]entangled_now[/ljuser]. This series is hands down my favorite Sherlock fic(s). It’s cute in exactly the way Sherlock fic should be cute: with a bit of awkwardness, matter of fact, very amusing; and also sexy in exactly the way Sherlock should be sexy, which includes acknowledges the fact that he’s most likely asexual, and works organically with that, and it ends up being integral to how delicious the whole thing is.

Other fic:

Other stuff

untouchable; john & sherlock – by starbrights90. I don’t anticipate embedding very many videos in here (and will put them behind a cut if I do embed any more!), but this one in particular is just beautiful.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

This is an extremely belated post about A Study In Pink, which means that it’s actually more about the episode in the context to the rest of the series.

Really, if you start thinking about the fact that there will be more Sherlock in the future, then it’s easy to guess that eventually we’ll look back on these episodes and that primarily all three, not just the first one, are about how Sherlock and John’s very unique relationship began and started to develop. It’s actually so obvious that it might not even merit mentioning, except for how in the course of just three it begins, grows, changes, starts to crack around the edges, and ultimately deepens so much.

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“A Study In Pink” screencaps

So I went and decided to just do a quick check to see what there was in the way of Sherlock fanfic, and four days later I’ve neglected this blog in favor of reading MOAR FIC.

To make up for it… screencaps from A Study In Pink! By which I mostly mean lots of Benedict Cumberbatch, because, well, yes.

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So, about Sherlock

First series/season of Sherlock finished Sunday (and Moffat confirmed there will be more on an interview today, which you can watch here). I actually watched the final episode Sunday night and loved it, in some ways more than the first ep. They serve different purposes is the thing.

It was too late to make a post then, and then yesterday I realized I never actually posted specifically about the episodes themselves, just in general about how sparkly and awesome it is. So what I’m going to do is rewatch all three episodes (says she who has already rewatched ep 1 three times and ep 3 once)! And then I’m going to post about each episode. :D/

Hey, who knows when there will be more Sherlock, I have to stretch the high as long as I can.

Shiny new Sherlock Holmes

So the plan yesterday was to catch up on this week’s White Collar, but it didn’t end up happening because I was distracted by a shiny new object.

Shiny new object being the BBC’s Sherlock. \:D/

Anyway, I watched the first episode at lunch, and loved it so much that when I got home I watched it again instead of watching White Collar (I will catch up on it! After I watch Sherlock ep 2!).

For those that live under a rock (like me, actually, I didn’t even know about this until Dimmie told me about it), Sherlock is a BBC re-imagining of, obviously, Sherlock Holmes, written by Steven Moffat (of the latest Doctor Who). It’s set in present day London, and just-discharged army doctor John Watson is feeling meh in general about civilian life (his therapist thinks he’s traumatized by the war in Afghanistan and that he should start a blog to get it all out) and looking for a place to live, which is not easy in London with an army pension, and he figures no one will want to share a flat with him. So of course a mutual friend introduces him to someone else that is having a hard time finding a flatmate… a “consulting detective” and self-described “high-functioning sociopath”.

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