9 thoughts on “Date Akira, huh?

    1. Why not? Or is that too spoilery? I’ve gleaned that he’s the second Rider already… is it that? Or his personality?

      Damn, he’s hot.

        1. Aaah, I see. Well, you know, up to where I am, Gotou has been the character I’ve been most interested in, but come on, REALLY, people? Hating on a character because you wanted someone else to be the second rider? Besides, who knows what will happen in the story, and, well, Kagami’s wouldn’t have been half as rewarding and interesting if he hadn’t suffered so much frustration early on. Just saying.

          Besides, OH GOD, so very hot.

          So I’m going to guess right now he’s ~SUPER COMPETENT~, very much like how Yaguruma was originally presented (you know, before Tendou’s poking revealed he was just a TAD unstable ┬ŽD)

        2. Also! The whole point of Gotou’s story NOW is that he’s not ready to BE a rider, because he hasn’t learned to let go of his pride/learned to channel his desire appropriately. :P

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